Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron for the PSP – A Star Wars Fix

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

I am a Star Wars junkie. I had been clean for almost eighteen months, but then my birthday rolled around and I received some Star Wars themed gifts and then I fell off the wagon. This time around my Jonesing was for video games in particular. Now I’ve played most of the Star Wars franchise games, multiple times, and so I knew that none of the ones I already owned were quite going to cut it for me. The only one that remotely interested me was Battlefront II, but of course as luck would have it my brother still has my copy. So, rather than rebuying a game I not only already own, but have sunk around 100 hours into, I thought I would try something new. Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron was just about new enough.

I had already played the first Battlefront game for the PC, so I knew that in the best case scenario this game would be like a stripped down version of Battlefront II, and this is for the most part what I found. I knew that the PSP had limited power, and with it having only one joystick I also knew that it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride playing an FPS on it, but still I was a little disappointed by the game play. The aiming system requires you to hold down the R1 button allowing you to lock-on to the nearest enemy, it’s like sticky reticle pushed up all the way to maximum. There’s a little feature where if you lock on for a certain amount of time you stand the chance of getting a critical hit, but the amount of time it takes and the actual damage these hits do means that it really isn’t much use. The only time I found myself wanting to use this feature was on tanks and vehicles, but unfortunately it does not work on them. You can set your controls to alternate which allows you to move with the thumbstick and aim with Triangle-O-X-Square, but setting your controls to this means that you will no longer be able to perform a roll, as there was not enough buttons left over for that apparantly. In Star Wars Battlefront, rolling is kind of a big deal.

Even though the gameplay and environments are a little stripped-down, the game does make up for it in other areas. Campaign mode, which pitches you as a member of a rag-tag, no-nonsense group of bad-ass freedom fighters is pretty cool, the ability to customise your character from a selection of bodies and heads is a nice touch, new weapons such as the carbonite freeze gun are fun to use, albeit a little useless, and the Galactic Conquest is far more of an involved affair than the one in Battlefront II – or at least it would be if it wasn’t so easy. That’s more of a criticism of the Battlefront series in general though, rather than this one in particular, as even on Elite with the odds stacked against you it’s still pretty easy to score a Victory. My favourite part of the game was the space battles that are virtually unchanged from Battlefront II, you can no longer knock out the critical systems from inside the enemy ship, but who used to do that anyway? Besides, you get to control Slave I if you manage to play as the hero on some levels.

It sounds like I am having a go at this game, but it is actually a pretty decent Star Wars game. It’s the first hand-held Star Wars game that I have played, so coming to it after playing so many console and PC games my expectations were likely a little too high. If you were in a particularly unforgiving mood you might just get away with calling it a poor game, but I wouldn’t let you get away with calling it a bad Star Wars game. It certainly helped scratch an itch, let’s just hope I don’t get back into the novels, that’s when I know things have really gotten out of control.

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I see that this game has a pretty decent looking multiplayer mode. Obviously, coming to it six years too late there’s no one on any of the servers anymore. But if you still own this game and fancy going a couple of rounds, leave a reply and we’ll set something up.


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