Devil May Cry 2 – Hack-and-shoot

So we are back again in the signature red coat. As before we don’t know when and we don’t know where, but it’s chock full of nasties wanting to do us harm. We’ve got our guns and our sword – as well as the aforementioned red coat – and it’s time to chew up some bad guys.

The combat system here is simplified from the first game, with less button combros. This makes fighting more fluid, chaining easier and achieving the coveted ‘S-grades’ more readily. The linear level designs also follow this trend, meaning less back-tracking and re-visiting old areas to put object A into it’s corresponding slot – something I did not like much about the first game.

Ultimately, Devil May Cry us truer to it’s hack-and-slash nature, and less like the early Resident Evil games. Here, you throw yourself into a room full of monkey-boys or magic-men, start swinging your sword, popping off a few shots and add in a couple of cool wall flips and soon you’re having yourself a pretty good time.

Weapons are less varied than the first game. Instead of a variety of swords and even fists-of-fury to choose from, the sequel features ‘sword’, ‘thicker sword’ and ‘thinner sword’. Thankfully, the variety of guns is preserved, meaning that play style is primarily determined by your firearm rather that your main man. Weapons can be levelled up and elemental damage is determined by customisation of the devil trigger.

Some may disagree, but I thought that the bosses were more varied than the first game. Yes, there are some real stinkers such as ‘helicopter-with-eye’ and ‘floating magic heads’ but overall they did a not-bad job. The dude with balls-and-chains for arms was always fun to fight, it was nice to see old spider-bro make a return and even fighting the gorilla had it’s good moments.

I don’t think I enjoyed Devil May Cry 2 more than the first game, but I did die a whole lot less, even managing to complete the game on Normal (a task I found impossible in the first game). I appreciated many of the changes made to the sequel, but found that it lacked the depth and character of the first. The uncomplicated (albeit confusing) storyline and a straightforward play style make this a good hack-and-slash game to play while sipping on a cold one or listening to some talk radio. I also appreciated the subtle (not subtle) anti-capitalist message.

Oh, and you can play as different characters, that’s new too. You can also wear jeans.


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