What it’s all about

Hi, I’m Lefthumstick. Join me as I wander through the vast back-catalogue of video games. I’ll share with you some of the games that I have been enjoying and the reasons why I like them. Perhaps we can compare notes on particular games, or even introduce each other to some games that we would not have found on our own.

To level with you, these ain’t going to be up-to-date games, neither am I going to be writing polished reviews. It’s just going to be me hanging out with some similar minded people (that’s you by the way) chatting about the games that we like. I’m the guy in game shops browsing the second-hand Playstation 2 games, looking at the people in the current gen aisles and wanting to say to them “Hey, there’s some good games here guys. Sure, the graphics aren’t that great on some of ’em, but they sure are fun.”

I love video games and that is not an overstatement. I love playing them, talking about them, watching videos of people playing them and even talking about watching videos of people playing them. All that matters to me is that the game I am playing has been made with a little bit of love and some imagination.

So. let’s get started.


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