Daily Bytes

Daily snippets from my gaming adventures.

21st February 2014

I’ve been trying out the tank class for SWTOR, it’s the most guilt-ridden of all the classes.

14th February 2014

I’m not very good at talking to people in MMOs, so when I play them it’s like the game is filled with very intelligent (and sometimes incredibly stupid) non-playable characters.

13th February 2014

After midnight last night I somehow found myself on the character creation screen for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and then today has just evaporated as a result.

10th February 2014

Playing video games that belong to a series outside of the order they were intended to be played leaves you feeling confused and knowing exactly what’s happening at the same time. I’m currently playing Dark Forces 2, and although I know where Kyle ends up, I have no idea where he has come from.

3rd February 2014

Today, I finally got round to fixing the ghouls’ water pump in Necropolis on Fallout, but when I got there I found that they had been massacred by super mutants. I felt awful about it and after I sought my revenge I fixed the pump anyway.

2nd February 2014

Last night, I introduced three of my friends to the fiendishly difficulty Flappy Bird, and there was near silence for the next hour as each of them concentrated hard on getting the highest score they could.

28th January 2014

Bullworth Academy: where you go to school everyday day of the year, even Christmas .

21st January 2014

What have you been doing the last three days? Oh, not much, just playing and completing Half-Life for the first time.

13th January 2014

Currently experiencing that empty feeling when you complete a game and you’re not sure what to do with yourself now. For those that are interested, the game I just completed was Angry Birds Star Wars.

8th January 2014

Today I saved an elf in Drakengard. She then tried to eat me, but only because there weren’t any children around to eat instead, and then Caim was like hey, want to be my ally? ‘Welcome to a world without songs’ indeed.

7th January 2014

The character’s name Furiae in Drakengard is a joke, surely? Whoever names the main female character Furiae would know exactly how that must sound.

5th January 2014

Playing Drakengard after watching the excellent Desolation of Smaug adds another level of intensity to the game.

1st January 2014

Today, in a bold move I took the PS2 from the living room and put it in my bedroom, it’s going to kill my already weak productivity I’m sure.

29th December 2013

Over-the-top action, heavy rock music, what’s not to like about Dynasty Warriors? Oh yeah, I keep getting killed.

20th December 2013

Pokemon Conquested.

18th December 2013

Having never played the PC version of Minecraft, I’m flummoxed by the new additions to Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s great because it’s like playing the game for the first time again, it recaptures that sense of bewilderment I got when embarking upon a new world with empty hands.

17th December 2013

When you are playing Pokemon Conquest time operates under different laws. One minute it’s 7pm and the next it’s midnight.

13th December 2013

I’m enjoying Pokemon Conquest so much. It’s such a great feeling to find a Pokemon that one of your warriors links with 100%, they’re all like “Hey man, let’s be friends for ever, okay?”

12th December 2013

Last night I began playing Pokemon Conquest and five hours disappeared in the blink of an eye.

11th December 2013

I fear that my PS2’s days may be numbered, it now takes 6 or 7 restarts before reading the disc. I guess I’ll have to finish all those games I’ve been saving, like FF X-2.

10th December 2013

Today, I finally experienced the dreaded last moments of Crisis Core that I had put off for so long, and boy did I experience it.

7th December 2013

Quotation of the day comes from Nobunaga in Onimusha 2: “You are too late, I have already transferred my power into this golden and evil statue”.

3rd December 2013

Today, I completed the lengthy ‘1000 Shinra troops’ mission on Crisis Core, the prize at the end was a ‘Mug’ materia, I think the game is trying to tell me something.

29th November 2013

Today, I got a little too carried away with growing Zack’s materia on Crisis Core, at least now he fights like a true SOLDIER 1st class.

26th November 2013

Today, I inched ever closer to the ending of the behemoth that is Final Fantasy I. I met a sparking robot deep inside a cave hidden behind a waterfall and it gave me a warp stone. “What should I do with this?”

25th November 2013

I just met Cloud in Crisis Core and it was a very special moment for me.

20th November 2013

Today I spent the best part of half an hour trying to solve one of the puzzle boxes on Onimusha 2.

19th November 2013

Today, I finally managed to track down a copy of Pokemon Conquest that was not outrageously overpriced. It looks so cool.

18th November 2013

Today, I started playing Onimusha 2. Damn you Capcom and your fixed camera angles, you sure know how to make a guy feel bad about his game playing abilities. I’ve already been demoted to easy mode, a setting I’m assuming is triggered after you die a certain amount of times.

14th November 2013

Today, I dabbled in Wazhack for a little while, but then a picture of a bearded man appeared asking me for money. I deleted the game instantly. I don’t mind paying for iOS games at all, as long as I am told upfront and not mid-game.

13th November 2013

Today, I completed The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

11th November 2013

Today, I became very frustrated with the Sky Castle dungeon in Twilight Princess. Everything about that place is irksome, from the theme music, to the falling floors, double clawshot and flapping Oocca. Just thinking about it makes me annoyed. Dev team – 1 Me – 0.

8th November 2013

I just played the wild-west part of Twilight Princess with the moblins in the hidden village, and I think it may be the most fun I have ever had.

6th November 2013

Today I got the catchy tune played by the little leafy guy in the Ancient Grove on Twilight Princess firmly lodged in my head. I expect it to be there for at least the rest of the week.

30th October 2013

Link is such a great video game character and role model, not once does he stop to ask why he has to save everyone, he just dives in and does what needs to be done.

29th October 2013

Today, I am fully under the spell of The Legend of Zelda once again, I just downloaded The Minish Cap and will be kissing goodbye to another 50 hours of my life.

28th October 2013

Today, I got the ball and chain in Twilight Princess and it brought back fond memories of BowWow from Link’s Awakening, that guy was crazy.

27th October 2013

Today, I used the extra hour provided by the clocks going back to inch ever closer to the end of the marathon that is Twilight Princess.

16th October 2013

Today I have been playing Final Fantasy VI, is it just me or are there secret breasts throughout this game? The lamps are especially boob-like.

18th August 2013

Today I recruited Luso into my party on FF Tactics and it very nearly blew my mind. At first I thought ‘Hey, this guy looks familiar’ and then later I was like ‘Hm, the name Luso rings a bell’, and then I twigged and as I said before it nearly blew my mind. Having the protagonist from the second FF Tactics game on my team in the first FF Tactics game is pretty cool, and the cut-scene was brilliant too. Consider this fan ‘serviced'(?)

14th August 2013

Today, I stayed up until the early hours of the morning gripped in epic battles for my life in Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. It’s a good thing I didn’t have work in the morning, oh wait, yeah I did have work.

13th August 2013

Today, I have mostly been playing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. By this I don’t mean that I’ve been playing other games today of which this one I have spent the most time on, but that I literally have spent most of my day playing this game.

7th August 2013

Today, I discovered that Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is such a difficult game. I’ve only just started, let me have a win!

18th July 2013

Today, I realised that playing co-op on Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance with someone who has never played a dungeon crawler before is much harder work than it needs to be. Arcane Archer, why are you running around and pulling all the monsters? Arcane Archer, why are you using a mace on that Bugbear?

4th July 2013

Today, I picked up a copy of Metal Gear Solid for my PSP through the Playstation Store for only £3.99. Who knows how it plays with only one joystick, but at £3.99 I’m not complaining.

3rd July 2013

Today, I sort of just hung out with Sephiroth as Zack in Crisis Core, it felt weird man, really weird.

2nd July 2013

Today, I watched the concluding part of Jesse Cox’s YouTube playthrough of Bioshock Infinite. Such a great story and with what wonderful company.

29th June 2013

Today, whilst on the Playstation Store trying to find some bargain PSone games to play on the PSP I noticed that the games filed under ‘Special Offers’ and ‘Price Drops’ were only about 20 pence less than their usual price. It seems to me that if you are only going to reduce the price of a game by 20p, you might as well not bother.

28th June 2013

Today, I came one step closer to figuring out a small part of the affinity system in Vagrant Story. Now I just need to figure out how to make better weapons, how to keep my risk level down, why my attacks don’t do hardly any damage, how to combo using staffs, how to time my defence abilities better, what exactly ‘numbness’ does to me, why it takes so long to save my game, and where the heck my allies are.

26th June 2013

Today I realised that really I had no idea about the controls for Vagrant Story, and that it’s actually the hardest game I’ve ever played.

25th June 2013

Today, I kind of, sort of figured out what the controls are for Vagrant Story on PSP. At first the battle system is confusing as heck.

21st June 2013

Today, Otacon whined for ages about the poor quality of my photos of Metal Gear Ray in MGS 2. Come and take them youself next time Hal!

20th June 2013

Today, I beat the main campaign on Metal Gear Solid 2 in Normal mode. Actually ‘beat’ is far too strong a word, ‘stumbled through and somehow survived’ is probably closer to the truth.

18th June 2013

Today, I had to turn off MGS2 mid-cutscene as it had been going on for almost an hour and I needed to be up for work in the morning.

17th June 2013

Today, Otacon laid some harsh truths on me in MGS2: it’s not enough to wish for a happy family, you have to go and find it.

16th June 2013

Today, I went on vacation to Yakushima with my friends in Persona 3. Junpei nearly got-off with a cross-dresser.

15th June 2013

Today, I built a giant wall in Minecraft PE to try and stop my brother setting fire to all my stuff.

14th June 2013

Today, I tried to give my girlfriend a bunch of roses in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, but she didn’t seem to like them very much.

13th June 2013

Today, I killed a vampire in Metal Gear Solid 2 using only a grenade launcher.


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